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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Discussion Podcast 12: Marijuana, should it be legal?

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When some people hear the work "marijuana" they immediately think of a very bad, illegal drug. Do people die from marijuana overdoses? Are the coffee houses (serving marijuana) in Amsterdam changing their society in a negative way? Medical marijuana is legal in California for patients who have prescriptions from physicians. Will Mexico make small amounts of marijuana, and handful of other "recreational" drugs legal?

A topic that usually remains under wraps is openly discussed in our international forum. Christy, Dayanis, Chris, Esther, Jihyun, & Dave convey ideas with backgrounds from France, Korea, Mexico, & America.


  • I think it's o.k. to leagalize marijuana. It may be true that mariuana may cause hartattack or someting like that as Esther said but smoking is also bad for health.
    In fact there are some countries that marijuana is leagal but cigarettes are not. I agree with Dayanis. I think we have the right to choose whether we use it or not.
    Moreover, we can get taxes from marijuana if we leagalize it.
    Anyway, there is and will be a huge black market of marijuana we can never get rid of it conpletely.


    By Anonymous Layla, at 7:57 AM, June 12, 2006  

  • This topic was amazing..!

    Should Marihuana be legal or not?
    I agree with Christopher, Ji Esther and Dayanis than it can be legal, and as Esther said, it should for only medical purposes and under the physician’s control.

    This podcast was very informative. I enjoyed hearing Esther’s perspectives about the effects of Marihuana like the increase of blood pressure, the risk of heat attack and how the rate of cancer development is double or triple compared to cigarette smoking only.

    In my opinion a person who does Marihuana is some what likely to try other drugs too.
    On the other hand, whether Marihuana is legal or not…. People will still have access to it some way or another. It’s up to people to choose what they want to consume and do whatever they want with their body….AS LONG AS NO ONE ELSE GETS HURT…!!!

    I enjoyed hearing this podcast.


    By Anonymous Jessica, at 10:44 AM, June 13, 2006  

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