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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Discussion Podcast 16: The Environment

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Does the environment belong to humans? Do people in developed countries care much how their lifestyle affects the environment? Are we recycling? Do we REALLY know how our trash is being dealt with or are we just guessing? Are we connected or narcissistic? This often inconvenient but critical topic is examined by our international cadre.

Esther, Arman, Jihyun, Christopher, Christy, & Dave provide viewpoints from Korea, France, Iran, & America.
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  • IT was great to hear Esther how Korea recycles and cares for the environment. It also caught my attention how recycling takes place at France.
    I agree with Esther, how some people don’t care about the environmental issue unless they are affected by this problem. Thus, in my opinion there should be a law which fines people for not recycling correctly.
    I also agree with Ji, part of the solution to the environmental issue is education. People need to be more informed of the current problems that are going on in the environment and let them be conscious of how serious this problem is and how fast is growing.
    And as Christ said, this city needs to have better public transportation, recycling method and punish littering to better the environment.
    Great educational topic guys…!
    Loved it.


    By Anonymous Jessica, at 1:40 PM, June 13, 2006  

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